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  •  My problem with insurance of any kind... (1+ / 0-)
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    So let's say I pay for health insurance. It's $100 a month, and I keep it for five years, thus spending $6,000 on insurance. In all that time, I never get sick, never go to the doctor, or to hospital, and never need prescription medication.

    When I cancel my policy, do I get my $6,000 back?  No? Why not? They never paid a dime for my health care needs. They never did ANYTHING for that $6,000 so why should they get to keep it?

    If I were to charge someone $100 to mow their lawn, and their lawn never grew (thus I never mowed it), wouldn't they be entitled to get their money back in a court of law? If no services were rendered, then I shouldn't actually get to keep the money, right?

    So why do insurance companies get to run this "protection" scheme? Why is it I'm expected to pay some private company a portion of my income, and in exchange they MIGHT cover my expenses if tragedy strikes? Shouldn't it be a guarantee after I pay them?

    Insurance-- whether it be car, home, life, or health-- is a scam. It's always been a scam. It's a crooked business model that plays on possibilities rather than simply providing a service for a fee. There are so many loopholes, escape clauses (for them), and backwards ways of denying you access to the supposed service they're providing, that you almost might as well not have put the money into them, and should have put it into a savings account instead.

    If at the end of forty years, you haven't tapped into that savings account to pay for major surgery, then still you've got most of your money to pass on to family, retire, or whatever.

    Insurance is the biggest scam in our society, and we continue to let it fester and thrive. It's a bad deal for everyone but the insurance company... And we're all held captive by this corrupt system because it brings in so much money for a few powerful people. There's no way they'd give it up in favor of tax-funded health care, auto insurance, or anything else.

    Nobody gets filthy stinking rich on Universal Health Care... Doctors live well, hospital directors live very well, and Congressmen live well, but they don't have the major funding of insurance companies (gifts, lobbyists, etc.) to line their pockets under a government-funded health care system.

    Don't ever imagine that most people in the medical business do it because they want to help people-- The majority are just greedy bastards who picked medical because it pays a lot in our country.

    •  I totally agree. (0+ / 0-)

       Why should insurance companies be given the power to make medical decisions?  Also, if people in this nation were smart, they'd join together and build an insurance cooperative system that is nonprofit and pays dividends to everyone who invests in it.  Also, there should be no profit in medical care.  The health industry does not fit in with the concept of a free market and the laws of competition and supply and demand do not apply.  If you're having a heart attack, it might be difficult for you to shop around for the best price or put off care until you get a better deal.  Also, prices are fixed in that doctors generally charge the same rates and might not be anxious to take you as a patient if you continue to ask the price and compare it to what you have to pay elsewhere.  And the number of doctors and access to medical care is planned to keep the price high.  I have a great specialist, but anyone who needs his services has to call him months in advance.  Doctors also have the right to deny you service if, for some reason, they don't like your insurance.  I have family in Europe and they are very pleased with their health care system.  It's ranked far above ours, they have a far lower infant mortality rate and a longer life expectancy.  This nation is run by corporations and their think tanks, not by the people.  The Heritage Foundation developed the economic plan used by most hospitals, and Romney admits that they developed the health care plan he used in Massachusetts.  They continue to use C-Span to shill for continuing the system we have now and stated that hospitals in Europe are filled with people who don't need to be there.  If that's true, then why is it that they spend less on health care than we do?  It seems clear that corporate America would rather use health care dollars for profit than for treating the sick.    

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