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    as far as personalities in medicine are concerned, I think it works both ways: the fields tend to attract certain types of people, whether it's a money thing or something else (I had a pathology professor who said he went into that field because he couldn't deal with "non-compliant patients") and then the training seems to reinforce it. I interviewed a medical student for a preliminary spot in IM the other day; he's going into radiology but wants to do clinical, when he really should be doing research; he had no interpersonal skills, not only during his interview but throughout the transcript. Great scores, though, and should really go into research. Hopefully he'll find that calling.

    OTOH, we had a medical student who went to an offshore school; had some trouble in pre-med courses. He went on to get an MBA and an MHA, yet decided to go to medical school even through the non-traditional route. And he was just flat-out excellent in his clinical rotations and will be a fantastic primary care doc, which is his true calling, despite the fact that he could make boodles of money in administration.

    That is, he'll be a great doc if he can get past the prejudice against offshore grads.

    Civil marriage is a civil right.

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