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  •  I'm tired of this (0+ / 0-)

    As an ex-Richardson supporter, I'm tired of the criteria we use to judge our candidates.

    How they are as speakers or in debates, in the end, makes little consequence as to how they'll be as legislators.

    I don't know how we can criticize the right for voting for someone whom they'd most 'want to share a beer with' when we vote for people for almost-as-trivial reasons.

    Charisma doesn't make you a good president.

    But, I guess, thus is the MTV age.

    •  it's not trivial (0+ / 0-)

      I hear what you're saying, and I agree, whether or not a candidate sighs, or wears too much blush, or has different colored tie on is immaterial, and that's what the media tends to focus on.

      But that's not what I'm talking about here.  I'm just saying that as a serious presidential candidate Richardson ought to be interested enough in the discussion at hand to stay focused on the discussion.  If he can't stay tuned for ninety minutes of policy debates, how on earth can we trust him as president to go through all the monotonous reports and briefings about everything from agriculture to monetary policy to the legal minutae of law?

      I vote for people, not parties

      by Dont Tread on Me on Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 09:08:33 AM PST

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      •  well.. (0+ / 0-)

        we could trust him because he went through all the monotonous reports and briefings when he was with the UN, in the department of energy, a hostage negotiator, and governor of New Mexico...

        ....most of which he's met with at least moderate to substantial success.

        I think he gives foreign policy credibility to the Obama campaign, especially if they're up against McCain.

        I think Richardson has proven himself to be a good legislator, and I think his policies are sound.

        I think he probably would have been a worse presidential candidate, but not a worse president than many others in the field, and I think that many people here (and I'm not saying you DTOM) have trouble distinguishing the two.

        That being said, I think Richardson is going to endorse Clinton.

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