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View Diary: NYT Praises Dems, Rebukes GOP in Presidential Endorsements (204 comments)

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  •  odd (9+ / 0-)

    The NYT concisely and clearly stated the reasons I'm supporting Clinton and my reservations about Obama.  Strange, they also resonate with all the Clinton supporters out here in middle America I've talked to about her.  these are folks who don't visit this blog but yet still seem to know what they want in a candidate.  

    Over the past month I've witnessed more and more friends and acquaintances shifting to Clinton, black and white, most over 35, all women.  The reasons?  To the tee what the Times put out there.  

    Ya know, folks, at some point or another ya'll are going to have to face the sad fact that the majority of Democrats are not far leftists, just might understand her vote on the war, always liked Bill Clinton, appreciate her for the failed attempt at healthcare when no one else had the balls to fight for it, don't get their panties in a knot over less than pure campaigning, don't read the Daily Kos and still knock on doors, make phone calls and bust their asses for Democratic candidates.

    while you all are wringing your hands here, it's just possible, all signs point to probable, that the MAJORITY of Democrats want to see her as their candidate.  And they aren't all clueless senile tools of the Clintons' unholy quest for world dominance.  It's possible, maybe probable, if she straightens out her campaign and gets Bill back on his meds she is the candidate with the momentum to go all the way.

    It's possible we little people are seeing something incomplete or unseasoned about Obama and as much as we might appreciate the guy, we think he's not yet ready.  And nothing written here, no amount of outrage, is going to make a tinker's damn bit of difference to Debby Democrat in Omaha.

    So maybe, before YOU divide the party, if and when the time comes, you should prepare yourself to hold your nose, like I did through Kerry and Gore and Clinton and Dukakis and Mondale and Carter and McGovern and vote your GD party because it's always ALWAYS better than the alternative.

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