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View Diary: NYT Praises Dems, Rebukes GOP in Presidential Endorsements (204 comments)

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  •  The Clinton administration was conservative. (2+ / 0-)
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    Uberbah, Man in the Middle

    Remember triangulation, out-flanking from the right, de-regulation (banking, media, etc.), welfare reform, NAFTA, etc.? WJC let the Overton window get shifted so far to the right that he often only got stuff done by proposing a "moderately conservative" compromise between competing "slightly conservative" and "very conservative" alternatives.

    The main distinctions between Clinton and Reagan/Bush policies-in-action were what exactly? Less military spending, a less regressive tax structure, and favoritism for the media and high tech wing of the interlocked directorate (instead of for the heavy industry and natural resource wing)?

    And yes of course it counts, since we're apparently supposed to consider it part of HRC's oft-repeated, rarely-explained "35 years of experience."

    •  Progressive Failures Created Clinton (2+ / 0-)
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      Fast Pete, SciVo

      Let's get real here. Clinton's run to the middle was based on the reality that candidates that were identified with the progressive left didn't get elected. The eighties was littered with progressive candidates that where so easily labeled as tax and spend liberals.

      The reason that progressive ideas have not won national elections is that progressives have failed to make the case to Middle America. Middle America has allowed the center to shift to the right and they buy the republican story of the importance of self-reliance and free markets, and that rich people and corporations are victims. They buy the argument that their problems are due to poor and brown people.

      Yes. I recognize that Clinton made huge errors like NAFTA, welfare reform, and deregulation happen, but he also passed the family leave law and appointed moderate-left Justices, and presided over the most broad and robust economy in memory. The nineties went so smoothly the top news stories included Monica, OJ Simpson, and deaths of JFK Jr, Princess Diana, and Kurt Cobain.

      I think that Hillary was incredibly active on substantive issues in the White House like Adoption and Foster Care, and Women's issues. She was far more engaged than any First Lady before and since.

      She has also withstood an unprecedented deluge of the right wing attack machine and came out on the other side without anything sticking to her. That is real experience.

      I am not sure if I am voting for her, but it seems that the more I hear unfair characterization of the Clinton record, I feel I need to speak up.

      •  So, persuasive rhetoric DOES matter. (0+ / 0-)

        How about we elect a president who can actually make that case to Middle America, and shift the Overton window to the center-left?

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