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  •  democrats have a reality problem (1+ / 0-)
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    they can't stop and consider how others might have values that differ than their own greatly - and then decide on strategy that takes this into account while also holding dear to their own professed values.

    the only candidate who has said anything that convincingly addresses this is edwards.

    and when the average person, gop or democrat, - who doesn't blog and who barely researches the candidates they vote for - hears what he says, they vote for him.

    •  That's funny because you say (1+ / 0-)
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      the only candidate who has said anything that convincingly addresses this is edwards.

      Others might have values that differ than yours greatly too

      There are lines of attack on all of them. The last debate was good for him though because the other two weren't attacking him so he never had to defend, got to look grown up.

      He's good but that whoever was behind and not part of counter attacks would look/sound good.

      But as far as women or mixed race labels, well trial-lawyer whogot-rich-puting-doctors-out-of -business does not necessarily rank higher.

      I am not attacking that but they'll enjoy it.

      •  "trial lawyer" is not an epithet (1+ / 0-)
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        that is as malicious or effective as some seem to imply it is.

        especially to working people who can't afford the doctors who might find it such a fanciful slur.

        •  Neither is woman or black nt (1+ / 0-)
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          •  sorry joy but that's not true (1+ / 0-)
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            i know we want it to be.  but it is not.

            i could take you to some places where you would be shocked at the views openly expressed... by people who control the electorate in their county.

            and it's not "them durty trile lawyers" they resent.

            of course i do not believe in letting them have more power than they actually have by defaulting to them out of the gate.

            i think it is high time we had a woman or minority president.

            but this woman and this minority candidate can not win, and not because of their race as much as the reality of the our nation and economy and the likely candidates they will run against.

            taking all of this into account, and then hearing the messages, leaves one clearly superior choice.  and it just happens to be a white male, this time.

            •  Look I do know how real racism sexism and (0+ / 0-)

              clintonphobia is. I'm telling you that you aren't aware how sleazy they could make John seem. You don't see it. It's true.

              google john edwards doctors clinton obama

              get a search page like this

              Did 'Junk Science' Make John Edwards Rich? -- 01/20/2004
              Edwards had alleged that a doctor and a hospital had been responsible for the cerebral .... "John Edwards' spin is always -- I am helping the little guy.

              n Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark
              John Edwards, who made a fortune in personal injury law, after a trial. ... Mr. Edwards filed at least 20 similar lawsuits against doctors and hospitals in ...

              Is there a doctor in the house ... who hasn’t been sued ...
              14, 2007 re: "Is there a doctor in the house ... who hasn t been sued?" Examiner Reader said: Another Examiner hit piece on John Edwards! Hmmm..
     Cached - Similar pages

              Declarations and Exclusions: Doctors Take John Edwards' Medical ...
              Since first running for the US Senate in 1998, John Edwards has been the politician many doctors dislike most -- a trial lawyer who amassed an eight-figure ...

              The Wall Street Journal Online - Taste Commentary
              John Edwards built his career suing doctors and hospitals, claiming that maternity-ward missteps caused newborns to develop cerebral palsy. ...110005361 - 59k - Cached - Similar pages

              That's without putting in trigger words like add millionaire

              The Razor » Blog Archive » John Edwards: Edwards’ malpractice ...
              John Edwards a millionaire many times over. ... During his 20 years of suing doctors and hospitals, he pioneered the art of blaming psychiatrists for ...

              NY Young Republican Club, Inc.: Edwards' malpractice suits leave ...
              John Edwards a millionaire many times over. .... And doctors who have lost cases to Mr. Edwards have been bankrupted.
              Patients, meanwhile, are left with ...

              YouTube - John Edwards - James Denton of Desperate Housewives
              A multi-millionare who identifies with us, the "Little People". WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!
              .... John Edwards - America Rising - Iowa Tour Kickoff ...
     if you add in \
              Court and Spark: Edwards' Legal Career - TIME
              On the day in 1997 that John Edwards delivered the closing argument in the ... him as a millionaire ambulance chaser, the kind of man who forces doctors and .

              Add in Caesarean

              I would like to ask John Edwards something
              When asked about an increase in Caesarean deliveries nationwide, perhaps
              to avoid similar ..... John Edwards' wife likens husband to Jesse Helms, JakeFlake ...

              Political Talk :: RE: The disappearing middle class - United ...
              There is little or no evidence that if you did a [caesarean] section a short time earlier .... "John Edwards' spin is always -- I am helping the little guy. ...

              THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: AS LAWYER: Greedy Edwards Did More Harm Than Good
              John Edwards a millionaire many times over. So John Edwards, for no other real reason than his pursuit of personal wealth, defamed good doctors, ...

              Listserve For EmergencyMedical Practioners: Re: [EMED-L] Edward
              court cases that helped Edwards become a
              multi-millionaire and finance his ... There is little or no evidence that if you did a [caesarean] ...

              The Case Against John Edwards - Labor Law Talk
              fear of such lawsuits has spurred doctors to order millions of medically unwarranted Caesarean deliveries in recent decades. Edwards has said that he took ...

              Those are all from first page of the searches.

              •  stack all that up (0+ / 0-)

                against people getting to actually go to see a doctor when they need one, and they'll ignore every bit of it.

                •  I don't feel you have to change your (0+ / 0-)

                  mind but this started with saying some just can't see...and it depends on your view.

                  Malpractice lawyers don't have a great rep (ambulance chasers) and you mention the very point
                  people getting to actually go to see a doctor when they need one

                  He'll be pointed to as a reason people CAN'T see their doctors, the good doctors put out of business, towns with no obstetricians, soaring malpractice rates
                  They have an exyta point with him because he won many cases because doctors didn't do c sections...but studies show performing more or earlier doesn't lower the rate of CP

                  That's the junk science part.

                  He was known as emoting and winning through evoking emotions-that will be insincere

                  They will slime him. There are very bad articles.

                  They take what they can to slime anyone and they have a lot here.

                  You can think I am wrong and that;s fine.

                  Everyone should vote for who they believe is best. John has great ideas.

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