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  •  Short-term memory... (3+ / 0-)

    I'm always amazed how politicians seem unaware that there are these things called microphones and they record what they say and that information can be replayed at a later date. Either they're incredibly stupid or they believe that we are.

    As for the USNA event. That is predictable and not out of character. The military does things in house. And protects its own. Not a negative or a positive statement. It just is.

    •  seems likely he was trying to protect (2+ / 0-)
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      unterhausen, Hedwig

      an admiral who had bungled things badly in a very visible way. The guy was replaced not long afterwards, btw.

      But it's one thing to say nothing. It's quite another to tell lies, or as in this case, to attack the credibility of the faculty in order to distract from the real problem.

      And incidentally, these scandals had really blown up into a major crisis largely because the Superintendent had done exactly that a few months earlier. He had decided to punish an Engineering faculty member because some midshipmen had bought an advance copy of the course final exam from a guy working in the photocopy shop on base. Had nothing to do with the faculty member, but he seemed like a convenient scapegoat. Much easier than expelling dozens of midshipmen for cheating, just accuse the faculty member of permitting it to happen. It was truly outrageous act, and practically brought USNA to a standstill for a long period. So the fact that McCain came on base and tried to deflect blame by belittling the faculty was obnoxious as well as unwise in the extreme.

      The Baltimore Sun article by Daemmrich called McCain out on his BS.

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