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  •  I disagree (2+ / 0-)
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    Partially Impartial, NewHampster

    As you can tell from diary.  it's fine if you want to say that the Delegates shouldn't count.  Better if you said it at the time Kos was arguing for the Delegates to count.

    But the cheap shot (the snarky comment about her motives that furthers the right wing and Hillary-hater narrative that she is alwawys manipulative and overly political) was completely unwarranted and counter-productive on the front page in light of the fact that the website's founder has been arguing for close to a year that the Delegates should count and that whoever wins those Delegates would and should do exactly what Hillary is doing now.

    •  I have no position on whether the delegates... (0+ / 0-)

      ...should or should not be counted.

      It's not my decision and no one's asking for my opinion on the matter so I have declined to form one.

      But this was decided SEVERAL months ago.  Where was Clinton then?  If she were truely wanting to fight for the rights of MI and FL, that would have an excellent time to fight for them.

      That she chose to wait til now, casts some suspicions on her motives.

      •  But the point of my linking to Kos' comments (0+ / 0-)

        Is that it was completely predictable -- even encouaged by respected voices (such as Kos') -- that this would happen.

        Thus, it seems silly to suggest that the timing of it is evidence that Hillary is bad.  

        If I take at face value that your issue -- and that of all the other outraged Kossacks -- that this is an issue of timing only, than the reaction to it seems like some serious mountain-making out of a molehill.

        I mean God forbid we actually have a nominee with a sense of timing.  

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