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  •  Oh, I'm cynical about all politicians (10+ / 0-)

    I question motives about everything they do.

    While I believe that most of them have the desire to truly change the world for the better, every single one of them has a large ego, thick skin and some deep-seated grandiosity -- not necessarily negative, mind you -- but wanting to be the one to change the world and leave their mark.

    They'd have to have fairly large egos to have gotten this far. And I think they all think about the timing of everything they do. (Sometimes they miscalculate, but they still think about it.)

    As a voter and an observer (and being somewhat jaded toward all of them and also admiring much in all of them), I just note conveniences in their timing, stances, speeches, etc.

    God love 'em. I couldn't stand doing the job they're doing, either campaigning or actually listening to whiny ass people like me once they hold office.

    •  Well said Susan (3+ / 0-)
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      SusanG, betson08, tabbycat in tenn

      Thanks for letting us know where you stand and your motives.


      Clinton / Obama Edwards for Attorney General

      by NewHampster on Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 08:49:41 PM PST

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    •  Try to be sensitive (1+ / 0-)
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      Tensions are really high around here.  Lots of people threatening to sit out the general if their candidate doesn't win the primary.

      And in the context of a sustained 16 year campaign by the right-wing noise machine to define the Clintons as overly calculating and ambitious -- to a degree unsurpassed in politics even by George W. Bush and Karl Rove -- there are a lot of people even on the left who have bought into that.

      Thus, when you train your cyncism about the motives of politicians on Hillary on a relatively benign subject, you really incite the worst of this site.

      Look at the firt 6 replies to your diary (or to the first comments) and right off the bat you'll see this:

      Clinton arrogance and self entitlement (27+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:JLFinch, sukeyna, TLS66, Yomberto, terryhutchinson, Builderman, attydave, Big Tex, mjd in florida, aj4runner, TMP, Fredly, elpepe, Faheyman, Fools on the Hill, SmedleyButlerUSMC, Judgment at Nuremberg, beltane, el vasco, steve2012, beabea, PROfess PROgress, NM Ward Chair, Jdories, John2Luke, mrchumchum, MingPicket
      is sickening to see.

      Just being candid...

      by 4km on Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 06:25:33 PM PST

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      Disgustingly, Repulsively Sickening. n/t (18+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:malc19ken, sukeyna, Big Tex, mjd in florida, Heartcutter, aj4runner, fmrgop, elpepe, Faheyman, Fools on the Hill, Judgment at Nuremberg, beltane, el vasco, steve2012, jstott1701, NM Ward Chair, Jdories, mrchumchum

      by attydave on Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 06:30:08 PM PST

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      right now, I don't know (17+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:malc19ken, Yomberto, john from vermont, Big Tex, mjd in florida, seabos84, War Horse, Professor Fate, elpepe, Faheyman, SmedleyButlerUSMC, Akonitum, beltane, dagnabbit, jstott1701, Jdories, John2Luke
      if in good conscious vote for her in the general election

      So I take at face value that you didn't really mean anything by it, but as a front pager -- and an undecided one at that --  I'm sure you take seriously your role in easing tensions around here, not excacerbating them.  

      •  Are you sending this to Olbermann too (0+ / 0-)

        Her diary was similar to some of the content on his show.

        People around here act as if someone is insulting their mother or something.

        And, why did you put in the recommenders, so people would pile on? Or punish? Really, come on. What is the point of your message?

        •  recommenders (0+ / 0-)

          I just cut and pasted -- I honestly didn't notice the recommenders in there until after I posted (I cop to not reading carefully after hitting preview).  

          Havinag the recommenders in there actually makes it harder to read what Susan G's diary whipped up.

      •  I think the front page (0+ / 0-)

        has been remarkably free of "partisan" content, considering what's been going on in the diaries. On the other hand, candidates (not just Clinton, but the others too) will do things that are, by objective standards, questionable, either tactically or because of content. If you make commentary on those things off limits because it doesn't happen to fit your candidate's narrative, it does sort of eat into the effectiveness of the blog.

        And too, sometimes, criticism isn't partisan sniping or isn't JUST partisan sniping. For example, if you are a Bush supporter, you probably take all criticism from Democrats as partisan sniping. However, you probably also think that criticism from neutral parties or Bush-friendly sources means that they are secretly Democrats, because only Democrats would be negative about Bush. Obviously any objective person would know how wonderful Bush is. In other words, your worldview is so skewed that you can't be effective. It would be a shame to see ANY politician or his or her supporters doing that.

        Once you've made your candidate into the Messiah, it is awfully difficult to be objective, as I know. So, I will try, as hard as I can, to be snarky when Obama does something stupid--which I grant you he does do now and again.

        Barack Obama ate at the Chowder House

        by JMS on Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 09:11:02 PM PST

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      •  I could sneeze on the front page at this point .. (4+ / 0-)

        and people would read it as anti-their candidate.

        I'm not going to get to the point where I censor myself about what I see as convenient timing -- whether it be from Clinton, Obama or Edwards (or anyone else, for that matter).

        If you look back a couple of weeks ago, the Obama swarm circled and pounced, with about 150 comments claiming I'd hated him, I'd always hated him, I'd made it clear I hated him, etc.

        And then when I posted something in the past few days that just referred to Clinton and Obama, the Edwards people were totally, 100 percent convinced I was dissing their man and that I hated him, had always hated him, had always made it clear I hated him, etc.

        Seriously. Every single candidate camp has accused me of absolutely making it clear I hate their candidate.

        Given that I'm here to blog about the Democratic candidates, I've stopped even listening to a lot of this. And there's no way I can be sensitive enough for most people unless I stop blogging altogether.


        I try, honestly, I do.

        •  Thank you (0+ / 0-)

          I realy apprecate your thoughtful replies to my diary and comments.

          I also appreciate the pressure you are under and the knee-jerk accusations of bias (as I've admittd I myself am guilty).

          Just try to remember the right wing narratives about the candidates, and try to avoid feeding those, if possible):

          You can't trust Hillary.
          Obama isn't up to the job.
          Edwrds is a hypocrite.

          (I think I got that from Rove saying that's how they'd run against each of the three, but maybe it was some other right wing blowhard).

        •  No kidding. I posted a Diary which was ... (2+ / 0-)
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          KenBee, Runs With Scissors

          ...20 paragraphs of praise for John Edwards and how we need his message, yet several commenters blasted me for saying he should drop out and throw his support to Barack Obama.

          Only two things wrong: I didn't ever say or imply or hint or suggest that he should drop out; nor did I say he should endorse Obama.

          "Just remember, boys, this is America. Just because you get more votes doesn't mean you win." - Special Agent Fox Mulder

          by Meteor Blades on Fri Jan 25, 2008 at 10:10:49 PM PST

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