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  •  Most people are missing the point that paying (1+ / 0-)
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    attention to the two states is needed in order to have those voters  vote for the Democratic nominee in the GE.  Obama is being short sighted in his turning his back on the voters now, and acting like he is more loyal to the rules than to the voters.  I ask when I see this discussed, wouldn't you feel anger toward the Democrats and the party in general if this happened to you in your state?  Maybe bad enough that you might not bother to vote.  That is exactly not what we need especially in a state like Florida.  

    Of course Hillary would pick right before the election to say this, although she has shown more attention to Florida before now than the other candidates have.  This is the time when the cameras are on Florida and the voters there, and the attention she could give them could be maximized.  Obama is only digging his own grave should he win the nomination, to act more interested in enforcing the rules than in the actually people of the state.

    Hillary is not going to need these delegates to win the nom most likely, but she will need their vote to win the general.  And she knows it.

    •  My grandmother lives in FL (1+ / 0-)
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      tabbycat in tenn

      And I don't think she has a clue.  She is very excited to vote for Hillary (by far the first in my family to commit to a candidate)-- 89 years old and loves Hillary and is thrilled that we are on the threshhold of electing either a woman or a black President in her liftime.

      I honestly think she would be shocked and outraged to find out that her vote doesn't count.  

      •  Oh, that makes me sad. My grandmother (0+ / 0-)

        would have been devastated to have her vote not count. When she reached her 80's, she always voted on the first day of absentee voting to be sure her voted counted in case she died. She dearly loved Bill Clinton and I guess she would have been a Hillary voter but she'd have loved Obama's approach to politics.

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