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    It is a victory for John Edwards to get any votes considering the odds against him. It is a victory for him to continue to be honest and direct and true to what he believes in. We, his supporters, want him to go to the convention, and to the White House. This is a very unusual political year; nobody really knows what is going to happen. Exciting, isn't it?

    Today, in Central Coast California, a group of us, with one new JRE supporter, handed out John Edwards leaflets at a local Farmer's Market. The skies were grey, the winds were gusty, the eucalyptus trees on the hill were whipping back and forth in the wind, the awnings over the stands were billowing, and the supports had to be weighted down. But someone was selling narcissus or some kind of early lily for $2.00 a bunch. Not too many people were out because of the threatening storm, but we gave out all the leaflets we had, and three John Edwards yard signs. We talked to people about a variety of things; two women who wanted to invite Elizabeth Edwards to a Cancer Awareness event at the community college, a young man who said "But I LOVE John Edwards!" when we mentioned John Edwards, about the possible impact of Dennis Kucinich dropping out, and about nuclear power. We talked to an Barack Obama supporter and to a few Hillary Clinton voters, and it was all civil and fun.

    And then I come to dailykos and there are a few negative folks who, evidentally, want us not to care, not to be politically active. Those folks ought to go out and do something positive. Pass out yard signs. Buy a bunch of narcissus. The world is a wonderful place and we are going to solve our problems.

    Thank you, John Edwards, for all you do for us.  

    Buy local. John Edwards

    by greenapple on Sat Jan 26, 2008 at 04:55:07 PM PST

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