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View Diary: Blast from the Past: PNAC's 1998 Letter to Clinton (226 comments)

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    Lazy, gullible Americans (BOTH Republicans and Democrats) that actually allow their view of reality to be defined by the corporate media, such that if something is not on TV or covered by a major newspaper, or even covered by NPR, it doesn't exist.

    They continue to allow themselves to be lied to and misled by the corporate media establishment and the view of reality if shoves down our throats--which is largely propagandistic on behalf of the powers-that-be and their agendas.

    We have an internet today where alternative information and more of the truth (I didn't say "all of the truth" but "MORE of the truth") is available to them, and yet, for whatever reason, they don't avail themselves of it in large enough numbers to make a difference in the direction of this country.

    As for PNAC, the only time I've ever seen it discussed was when Colbert had Kristol on his show, and Colbert, half-jokingly, said, "You're a founder of the Project for a New American Centurty, aren't you?

    Kristol was taken aback by this question.  But before he could muster up a response, Colbert hit him with the joke line, "So just HOW is that new American century going?"  

    Kristol was flummoxed and considerably perturbed and surprised that any corporate media source--including Colbert--would break the unwritten rule of the media and actually shine its light on PNAC.  His discomfort at having this subject brought even up showed.

    It was a beautiful moment.

    As I say in another comment downthread, the American is largely a CONTROLLED media.  We have no free and independent media in this country . . . or at least not much of one.

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