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  •  Same here, but... (0+ / 0-) least she responds with an email that addresses the topic of my concern. Kit Bond never responds and Kenny Hulshoff sends me the same form letter, "Thank you for being a concerned citizen..." or some such nonesense.

    Just got off the phone again (called Friday also) with McCaskill's office. The same staffer answered the phone 3 times and said, "Can you hold please." I encouraged again to vote "no" on cloture. They had more time to talk
    last week.

    "There was never any good old days / They are today, they are tomorrow / It's a stupid thing we say / Cursing tomorrow with sorrow." ~Gogol Bordello

    by MalachiConstant on Mon Jan 28, 2008 at 12:41:40 PM PST

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