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View Diary: American Spectator Blasts Daily Kos Effort - with update (37 comments)

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    What's all the fuss about? Here's the information I just got...

    Jim Newberry, Stan Matsunaka, and Jeff Seemann are running for Congress.

    Many people who never heard of Newberry, Matsunaka, and Seemann, now know about them.

    Seemann has raised over $13,000 from the Kos community.

    These races, once thought to be blips on the radar where GOP incumbents were guaranteed easy victory, have tightened to the point that American Spectator considers them newsworthy.

    The fringe right is so clueless that they consider, for example, Matsunaka to be a fire-breather.

    Insulted  by the article? Man, I love it! They're scared and we're important. From the opposition, that was a rave review!

    A few thoughts on "unwinnable" races.  Southern races used to be "unwinnable" by Republicans, but they kept at it and eventually won some anyway. then they won a lot more.  We should do that, too.

    Looking at, say, the Newberry race as just "winnable" or "unwinnable" misses the point.  Sure, an upset win would be fantastic and a Blunt win would be disappointing, but there are other potential "wins" in the race.

    What happens if the Republicans, who according to the Spectator, usually win MO-7 with 62% landslides, win by just 55% this year because of the strong Newberry campaign?  Sure, Newberry loses the race, for now, but look what we gain! MO-7 is the most Republican district in Missouri, and NEEDS a huge margin here in order to offset large Democratic majorities in St. Louis and KC.   Keeping the spread low in the 7th could be just what it takes to put Kerry, Farmer and other Democrats over the top statewide!

    Another thing--as far as the 7th goes, we are now where Newt was in 1974.  Newt ran 3 unsuccessful races against a veteran Democrat incumbent in Georgia in the 70s.  The first two times, he got his ass kicked. The third time, it was surprisingly close.  The fourth time Newt came back for more, the Democrat decided to retire, and Newt won the seat.  Each time, the odds got better.  It may be that we need to soften up some rock-ribbed Republicans in the 7th before actually winning a Congressional election. That can't happen without someone like Newberry fighting the good fight with everything he's got, getting knocked down if the cards go that way, and getting up again and going back for more.

    Finally, even a close loss will get the DCCC's attention.  Their words make it clear that, as long as districts like MO-7 look like losers, those districts will NEVER get any help from the DCCC.  And if not them, who will step in?  Us, that's who.

    We're laying the foundation here.  Foundations are usually ugly and mostly underground where you don't see it easily.  Grass roots are also underground an invisible.  But you need to put them down first before you can have a glorious mansion or a lush green lawn.

    And that's why our Kos 8 money is not wasted.  We're buying a foundation with it.  The only way to waste it would be if we contributed to a sacrificial lamb who wasn't even trying. The Kos 8 are fighters.

    I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV.

    by AdmiralNaismith on Tue Aug 17, 2004 at 04:20:40 PM PDT

    •  Every Dollar Sends a message (none)
      Each dollar says "We Give a Shit!"  Win or lose, that message is being sent in places it hasn't been heard in a while.

      Or at least that's how I sum it up based on what everybody elese is saying.

      Better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to speak up and remove all doubt.

      by David in Burbank on Tue Aug 17, 2004 at 06:28:58 PM PDT

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