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    It is interesting to watch the Democrats craft the latest sellout to the National Security State.  Most of these issues are not new: we have been here before.  For instance the belief that Congress will take seriously their role to oversee the intelligence community is a huge joke.  In a book titled The Lawless State published in 1976 recording the massive illegalties and attacks on the constitution by the Nixon adminstration, the authors had this to say about oversight:

    As the executive branch is fond of reminding us, we already have had committees to oversee the intelligence agencies, but these have simply not done their jobs effectively.  While this does not absolve the responsibility of executive officals, it does provide some lessons about congressional oversight. Without a tremedous amount of public attention focusing on an issue, oversight tends to become lost among the daily activities in Congress.  Right now, such attention exists, but eventually it will die down and, unless effective remedies have been installed, the best that can be expected is a repeat of the usual oversight situation--inaction


    Congress is infinitely weaker now that when that book was written.  It is a joke to believe that Congress has the will or inclination to check the monarchical president.  It is the FISA court that is the problem not the half-assed attempt to fix it.

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