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  •  ok asshole. I did your homework for you (6+ / 0-)

    since you think Terri Schiavo is a legitimate "life issue" as you indicated about, we get a pretty clear window onto your views. Oddly, above you indicated that if Lipinski were anti-gay, that might settle it for you. Well, he is. He voted against ENDA, which would extend anti discrimation protections to gays and lesbians. Here is what one local blogger wrote about this:

    It gets kind of mucked up when you look at the motivations of some of the people who voted for it and against it. Well, basically everyone who voted for it was well-motivated on one level or another, even if they were kind of participating in throwing transgendered persons under the bus. But there are two types of people who voted against it: all the Republicans and a small handful of bigoted, reactionary Democrats over in the hate corner and then an even smaller handful of Democrats in the equality corner who don't believe categories of people should be discriminated against. The link at the top of this post includes an excellent rationale from Congressman Jerry Nadler about why couldn't vote for the bill unless it included transgendered people.

    One of the Democrats in the hate corner with the Republicans is reactionary Bush Dog Dan Lipinski-- who also opposes women's right to choice and stem cell research but LOVES that war in Iraq. As usual-- being Tennessee's 10th Congressman-- he voted alongside the Southern reactionaries he usually votes with.

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