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View Diary: IL-14: All the Childish Pranks that Money Can Buy (29 comments)

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  •  Democracy (8+ / 0-)

    This is both personal and educational for me.

    People tell me about Democracy and how great it is in our country. Yet I watched it last election cycle. The Republicans went with Hastert, because they knew he would win (even though they knew he would not stay full term.) Democrats did not want to fight him because he brought money into the state.

    So now Foster shows up with no knowledge of the district. Runs his campaign from Chicago (for those not from here, IL-14 does not include Chicago). And DC Dems support this? Of course they do. Chicago money is more important than IL-14 voters.

    When I see a change in tune in DC on how they treat IL-14, I'll believe they care about democracy and the 50 state strategy. Until then, it still the same old stupid money/power game.

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