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View Diary: Obama doesn't just win, he rebrands the Democratic Party for decades (25 comments)

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    The Audacity of Hope, and.... it's quite clear now that this is exactly what Obama's plan has been from the beginning. Seriously, if anybody here hasn't read this book (especially Obama supporters and recent converts), it should be required reading. The man knows what he's doing, none of this is a fluke. He laid out the premise that Democrats can't regain power by playing the Republican political game, because when you play the "liberal and conservative" game, the deck is already stacked in the Republicans' favor. He outlined a winning strategy in a #1 New York Times Best Seller...and it has taken most of us this long to realize what he described in that book. Put simply, his plan is to grow the Democratic base. How? By either bringing people back that had been wedged away from the party, or by awakening people who had been overlooked by pollsters for decades. This, on top of the Democratic enthusiasm wave both of our candidates are already riding, is precisely why Obama has always been the only candidate capable of a 10-20% general election victory this November over the Republican opponent.

    Think of it this way. Wedge issues. Rove has masterfully used these to divide the electorate into manageable chunks, which then vote in predictable patterns. The beauty of this strategy cannot be denied: utter predictability, magic numbers, "moral values" voters, yadda yadda... Obama points out in his book that not every American is so clear cut as "conservative" and "liberal". When you separate these two groups, there are inevitably some people who fall through the crack: they're either overlooked as marginal, or discouraged from participating altogether. I think in most cases, non- "conservatives or liberals" were simply not a part of the process, and wedge issues failed to motivate them into entering the game.

    I couldn't claim to be as brilliant as Obama, but it's clear that his message speaks to the people who were not adequately represented by "liberal" and "conservative" politics. He's playing a new game, and it's the reason I believe no Republican candidate will be able to touch him, no matter what the polls say (because these polls are still reading the score from the last game!). In Clinton, Obama couldn't have asked for a better test for his new strategy. If it fails to oust her tried and true machine, then it's a quaint idea that might be incorporated into some future political strategy. It's starting to look, however, that the rest of the field has no idea what is about to hit them.

    The themes of his strategy were clearly illustrated back in his 2004 DNC keynote speech. For all the attention it got then and since, few people seem to realize this is what he has been talking about all along. Again, if you haven't seen the speech that started it all, no time is better than now. This should be required viewing.

    (-8.00, -5.08) "Chase after truth like hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat-tails." - Clarence Darrow

    by Mardish on Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 01:56:19 AM PST

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