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    ogre, Eternal Hope

    watching the video on a personal level. The guy is entertaining and states some hard truths. But, saying Jesus is black.. boy that's a minefield among the blue color whites. And the whole thing will be used by Clinton and McCain to stereotype Obama.

    I'm sure that Wright was just trying to defend Obama, but I wish he'd think before he does stuff like this. It's more important for Obama to make it to the WH than for Wright to spout off in public. sigh...  

    I don't see how Obama can sever ties with a pastor of 20 years. It puts Obama in a terrible spot where he'd have to betray someone whom he probably loves and respects. Wright is a problem for Obama -- no doubt about that. I really don't have any idea of how to deal with it. I don't think the whole atmosphere of the church is going to go over great in white America. The way that McCain's supporter Hagee carries on turns me off cold. I'm sure Wright will to many, many  white voters.

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