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View Diary: ATTN Calfornia Volunteers: Anti-Obama Push Poll Alert (40 comments)

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  •  One's not real and the other fake (4+ / 0-)

    Better than the GOP doesn't cut it.

    I don't support "leaders" who push poll, as they bring this party incrementally closer to the "winning is everything" GOP.

    How do you think the GOP got so despicable in the first place?  Because their voters looked the other way and refused to hold their leadership accountable, even as their leaders led them off a cliff.

    The Clintons better think again if they expect the same blind following from me.  No way in hell does push polling get a pass.

    •  I agree 100%, i was not endorsing push polling (0+ / 0-)

      But on the question of what should and should'nt be legal, yeah you are right, it should not be legal, "cageing" is already illegal, but it is still happening.

      It sucks that in this day and age of dire inportance, that the general public is so ignorent about  policies that push polling is affective,  

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