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  •  As a PC user for Obama (8+ / 0-)

    I'm satisfied that there's substance there. The guy is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.

    As for Apple, they are one of the greatest industrial design companies in the world. If you think industrial design doesn't matter, you are wrong.

    And Leopard is probably a better operating system than Windows. The reason I haven't moved is because I don't want to be tied to one brand of high-priced hardware, and because I don't have time to deal with the learning curve right now.

    Some Apple products are overpriced and overrated. Others have been transformational.

    The iPod along with iTunes completely transformed - revolutionized probably wouldn't be too strong a word - the music industry. I'm hoping Obama will have the chance to do the same to political campaigning this fall.

    •  I can't wait to upgrade... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... to one of the Intel Macs... then I can get down to one machine to test everything on (I do some web work) and I read that Windows runs smoother on those new Macs even...

      I grew up making things with my hands and have always enjoyed the feel of finely made tools, and that is what the Mac computers are for me... fine made tools.

      Back to the subject... sorry... There is a lot of "there" there with Obama... I think a lot of people are making the opposite assumption based on the caliber of the campaign...

      (It's okay to like the popular band this time, because they really are good in this case ;-)

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