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  •  Not just out West, either. (2+ / 0-)
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    Pretty much people were often arbitrarily assigned last names even before the Dawes roll; that's how at least one of my ancestors ended up with the last name "Bird" (they were Bird clan), and my ancestors were on the Chapman rolls but not on the Dawes rolls (my ancestors hid out in western and central KY trying not to be deported to Oklahoma :D).

    You also have a lot of <foo>killers and Bird/Snowbird/etc. people out in the Qualla Boundary (over in North Carolina) and among people of Cherokee descent in general--again, it's a matter where people's clan names (or sometimes their tribal names or war names) were essentially Anglicised and made into their official "Christian" names for roll purposes.

    (If you think that's confusing, a lot of Cherokee families until recently also took their names from the woman's side of the family, at that--one of my ancestors ended up with the first name "Bird", and it's not uncommon for people to have first or middle names like "Bird" or "Wolf" or "Sixkiller" or whatnot, as a means of keeping clan names going even if the federal recordkeepers weren't much on matrilineal clan inheritance. :3)

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