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  •  How do we enforce the auto insurance (1+ / 0-)
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    Cream City


    I'm pretty sure we will work something out.
    The upper and middle income types are no problem, they can afford it, and most have it thru their employers.
    The bottom (or no) income brackets are easy too... the rest of us will pay for it.

    Those in the lower-middle range is the most difficult, and where the details get tougher.
    Some can afford it, some cannot... we just need to ascertain where to draw the line, and then draw it... several steps down.

    Guarantee that everyone can afford, or is assisted so that they can afford, or is given healthcare.
    At that point, having insurance (public or private) becomes a civil responsibility.
    At the point we have taken away any barrier to obtaining insurance, there is no longer any reason not to have it.How do you enforce it then?
    You shouldn't have to.
    But some people will still find a way to bitch and moan... and they will defy the system.

    Fuck 'em, I say.

    People drive without insurance too. And they drive drunk, and steal from other people.

    Do whatever it takes, but society is ready to make a big jump ahead... let's not let the little-minded few hold the rest of us back.

    "As God is my witness, I thought wingnuts could fly."

    by Niniane on Mon Feb 04, 2008 at 11:23:45 AM PST

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    •  There's a difference with auto insurance (0+ / 0-)

      Auto insurance isn't mandated because it's some unmitigated moral good.  It's not like, as a society, we got together and said, "it is immoral to let fenders dented go unrepaired!"

      No - auto insurance is mandatory because as a society, it's wasteful to have drivers tie up our courts with stupid negligent driving suits, and cheaper to have no-fault insurance.  

      Auto insurance is not mandatory on everyone.  It is only mandatory on drivers.  If you don't have a driver's license, and you don't have a car, you don't need auto insurance.  It's also (relatively) cheap and easy to enforce - you take away people's licenses and give them punitive tickets and fines if they are driving without insurance.  Essentially, because the cops are the ones enforcing it, you are forced to buy auto insurance with a gun to your head.  

      And even then, it's STILL not universal.

      You say "fuck 'em" to people who don't want to spend $5,000 on family health insurance when they can't afford their rent, college tuition, etc. and the health insurance they DO get is essentially Medicaid (which their local hospital won't accept).  

      You say "fuck 'em," and I say "fuck you."  

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