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    many of the progressive talkers provide real information and analysis and while they may all take predictable positions relative to the cons and they may follow the same breaking stories they are not being supplied with talking points by the central party.  progressive talkers often do their own research and homework.

    they definitely have a slant and can be even more vicious than the right wingers since in trying to provide and use truth they can use irony and satire. most of the right wingers have had an often coordinated agenda designed expressly for the purpose of protesting and selling the party agenda. it's not a matter of "too much liberty" unless you're following the republican definition of free speech which is that money buys free speech.

    there is a place for less radical talkers who can provide their local communities and states a good forum for discussing current events.  most of the talk stations in the monopoly exist solely for selling and protecting the republican agenda.

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