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  •  I don't think it's an "ominous clue" that (2+ / 0-)
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    most people left after the first ballot and more left after the second.......these people are probably brand new to being Democrats....brand new to the caucus process and heck, going to caucuses or political parties for the first time is like first checking out a church.  

    I'm a long-time church goer/member. When most people first start going to a church, they sit in the back and scoot out the door right after the service. It takes a while, but slowly they start sitting closer to the front and staying after the service to have coffee. Then they send their kids to Sunday School......then they start going to adult ed.

    But almost no one....immediately jumps into and volunteers to run for church vestry or the standing committees or whatever group runs the church.

    People lurk for a long time before they really join almost any group.  I think it sounds like a great beginning in Idaho. Give folks time before you start finding ominous clues.

    BTW, we found a great way for moving people from lurkers to members in church was to get folks involved in small groups---so I think Meet-ups, or Democrats for Change, or any place where you have pot-lucks or picnics or meet in a coffee shop and start building up social capital and networks is great. Like a young Democratic moms group where they can drink wine and talk politics for a night every three months! Or a Democrats group that meets for coffee and then does trash pick-up in some park. Or builds trails. Or goes door-knocking for Dems. Or whatever. Just get folks together around as shared cause and a cup of coffee does wonders.

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