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  •  You are all missing the point here, by (5+ / 0-)

    focusing on what man said about why he voted for Obama. Clinton did get delegates, too, but many less. Obama had the most organized campaign for President I have ever seen in Idaho, period. I received three phone calls, and seven mailers, prior to the caucus. And, I told them I was supporting Edwards the first time they called. Whatever happened on Tuesday, it was a true phenomenon. You just had to be in Boise, in the mid-twenties, spitting snow, with thousands of people trying to get into the Qwest Arena, or in Canyon County, completely Republican, where they had to ask people to turn in their ballots and leave, if they were not going to change their votes, just so others could get in to the Convention Center. Boise is blue, but Canyon County is as red as red can get. There is change in the air, and if Obama can bring it, more power to him! The State Democratic Party was active, as well, going up and down the crowds and giving people donor cards for the party. Regardless of who they voted for, we now have thousands of new names to draw on for party support. It was a win for the Democratic Party.

    "This is not our America and we need to take it back." John Edwards.

    by mcmom on Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 09:23:07 PM PST

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