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  •  My (distant) take on Idaho CD1 race (5+ / 0-)

    I'm in the furthest corner of CD-2 (eastern Idaho) and honestly am not plugged-in enough to know much, but from what I have heard:

    Walt Minnick's got some a-list supporters (including former governor Andrus), but he's profoundly uninspiring at the microphone.  Tragic, considering it is no small deal to be tapped into Andrus's political skill and contacts.

    Larry Grant has a weird mix of animosity (from stalwarts that think he blew his first campaign's chance), experience and momentum from his run against Sali in '06 (and I give him bonus points for having been willing to return repeatedly to respond in a comment thread with one of the more critical bloggers on our site a couple months ago).

    Rand Lewis is smart and would make a stunning Congressional addition on foreign policy (according to 'serephin'-- I've never met him).  But it's like he's not really running -- his campaign is either asleep or running stealth (yeah, that'd be a strategy I've never heard of, either).  And 'Brainfade' Sali creates openings for a good policy smackdown press release almost daily.

    In some parallel dimension, Idaho's no doubt got a feisty candidate with Grant's & Minnick's business ties, Lewis's academic cred and ties into northern Idaho, Andrus's support, and a campaign manager that could make a twice-weekly Sali smackdown press release amusing/engaging enough to get routine attention.  Oh, wait... that was my grad-school memories of Vermont flooding back.  Vermont is Bizarro Idaho, IMHO.

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