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View Diary: Canterbury Archbishop Wants Sharia for UK Muslims (146 comments)

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    Britain and the US are not 'similar legal republics'.

    Britain isn't a republic at all. More significantly, the legal and political landscape is different in all sorts of ways. For example, there is no constitutional separation of church and state. Despite that - no, arguably because of that - organised religion is an immeasurably weaker force in the UK. If you were a dominionist, you would indeed have a long way to come from behind.

    But Williams isn't a dominionist. His agenda isn't about 'carving out religious exceptions to laws'. Exceptions already exist. For example, you can't sue the Catholic church for sex discrimination in employment; Sikhs are not required to wear motor-cycle helmets, though everyone else is. And so on.

    If you want to argue to Williams 'intent', as you do when you talk about what he is 'attempting to do', you need to base what you are saying on much more than one article.

    And if you are arguing about the likely effects of advocating this - you need to bear in mind that, frankly, the political pull of the archbishop of Canterbury is just negligible.

    As for having an agenda of my own: I'm a secularist, and a republican (small 'r' - meaning I think the UK should be a republic). And I live in Turkey. The blasphemy example was, as you say, not Williams' own: I brought it in to illustrate the point. One the other hand, this issue is fairly well-known and is a significant part of the context Willimas is arguing in.

    On the other hand, there is a personal element to this. I've heard Williams preach on a number of occasions, and I think you've simply got him wrong.

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