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View Diary: Memo to BHO: "gloves off", not "claws out" (145 comments)

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  •  Thanks for saying that. I don't get why (0+ / 0-)

    it is even supposed to be sexist. I didn't know it was and when I try to picture "claws coming out" I see cats.

    Now either people have really naughty minds because a word for cats is a sexual female term...which is really stretching it..

    Or one of my childhood theories is right. All cats are girls, all dogs are boys.

    Women are likelier to have long nails but they don't retract. I didn't know that this was a female related insult and I'm sure I've used it wrong before.

    But then again I wasn't sure shuck and jive was used a racist insult, I thought it sounded like a political insult. I used the term on my kids, particularly my smooth talking (white) son in his youth when he'd try to shuck and jive me.

    "Bra comes off" would be about a woman. "Jock strap comes off" would be about a guy

    Are we frigging nuts? Sexist code? What, Obama is trying to remind people she is a woman?

    OK so we are back to cats are girls.
    Or that we are going nuts.

    Wait! I said NUTS. I'm insulting men.

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