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  •  A lot of it has to do with history. (5+ / 0-)

    When one is 60 years old, one has been through way too many New Days.  We've voted for change our entire lives.

    We're still waiting for that New Day and those changes.  What we have learned is that no leader is going to bring those.  It's the people who have to do that.

    Unfortunately, we've discovered that people resist any substantive change and seem to want that New Day to benefit them only.

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      GW Bush promised even in recent memory to be the uniter , we Hilary voters know that there is Democratic policy and its opposite, Republican policy. It surprises me one has to say this here. But dk sure has changed ...You can't unite them. You get more Senators and vote against them. Its a battle. Shes willing to bring change. He wants everyone to love him.

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