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  •  Tea & hot baths (5+ / 0-)

    I put eucalyptus in the bath.  Tea?  Several varieties, including echinacea, but also osha (a local traditional herbal remedy).  Rose hips are good, too.  Plus zinc lozenges or spray.  Air as moist as possible, drink tons of liquids and sleep a lot.

    In NM, you can buy codeine over the counter.  I get some when I have a cough, and it really helps with the sleeping, too.  Or chamomile, linden flowers and valerian root all make good teas to help with the rest, too.

    I think hot capsicum peppers, too (though not in tea), are helpful as well.  Certainly very high in Vitamin C.  Besides, they penetrate the blunted senses of smell and taste that go with a cold.

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