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  •  Democracy is a process (0+ / 0-)

    A long, tedious, arduous process.
    One that requires the participation of anyone who hopes to influence the outcome.

    Now some people might think - hey, we'll just ignore Bush's continuing crimes because in eleven months we'll have a new administration and then things will change for the better.  It's a nice thought.  But if you knew for certain that in eleven months, you were going to divorce your abusive spouse and marry a brand new one  but that you would still have to deal with everything that your current spouse did in the interim, would you simply ignore everything that they did for eleven months?

    Spending you deeper in debt?
    Entangling you deeper even deeper into international conflicts?
    Ignoring decaying infrastructure?
    And so on?

    Or maybe you would divorce the bad spouse now.  After all, you know he isn't going to change.  

    Or maybe you would try to do some kind of damage control, try to stop the bleeding, restrain the damage?

    There is no knight in shining armor, folks.  Just us.  Our votes, our congress and yes, even our expletives-deleted president.  It's all part of the package that is democracy.

    Primary season: All sizzle, no steak.

    by Fabian on Sat Feb 09, 2008 at 07:00:43 AM PST

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