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    Dan Balz of the Washington Post said today on Russert's MSNBC show that the proportional delegate allocation system was a concession the Dukakis people made to Jesse Jackson in 1988 to pacify him after he was passed over for the VP spot.  Interesting.

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      I thought it was after the 1972 McGovern race. Wikipedia, here I come!!!!!!!

    •  This is true. Balz is right. (2+ / 0-)
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      Hedwig, kyril
      In the 1988 contest and before, two types of primaries were permitted in addition to the proportional representation model we now have.  

      The first was direct election, which functioned much in practice like a winner-take-all by congressional district.  Voters cast ballots directly for delegate candidates, so the presidential preference winner's delegate slate tended to win the most votes for individual delegate slots.  This was used in many of the so-called "industrial states" like Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey in addition to a few states like Alabama and Montana.

      The second model was the "bonus delegate" model, which gave a "bonus" delegate to the winner of a delegate district then apportioned the remaining delegates proportionately.  States using bonus delegate included Massachusetts and Ohio.

      After 1988, these systems were abolished in favor of a pure proportional representation model due to pressure from the Jackson camp.

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