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View Diary: Caucus Tips from WA State for Obama supporters (22 comments)

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  •  Bring stuff (6+ / 0-)

    Lots to eat, lots to drink.  A deck of cards can be handy.

    Know what you're going to say when you walk in the door.


    Be unfailingly courteous and helpful.

    Quriltai on the Shore...a normal blog with a weird name.

    by ogondai on Sat Feb 09, 2008 at 09:01:28 PM PST

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    •  second the food (4+ / 0-)

      and bring some to share. other obama precinct captains at our location brought snacks and water for people to drink (a lot) and people were happy to have it, especially those who brought kids.

      expect way more people than you think are coming.

      Take a couple of card tables & have a welcome table set up.

      have sign in sheets for obama event on hand, so you can get contact info for supporters. and clip boards for the sign in sheets. and lots of PENS!

      bring a calculator!

      have a way to take donations for the campaign.

      if you can get stickers, bring a lot. people love them. if you can't get them buy those labels and make some with a color printer, or have some made.

      make some posters! no need to buy...homemade ones are great.

      have greeters at the door. ask people if they've made a decision about who they're supporting, if obama get them to sign in, if undecided ask them what issues they're interested in learning more about and then talk to them and answer their questions. (having issue papers printed from the website is helpful--our health care, iraq and environment (we're in WA state) went first. We did this with the 500 people at our caucus site, all the precinct captains working together.  

      KNOW YOUR CAUCUS RULES! this is so important. Know how the math works, know how the process works. look at and see if there is a caucus training session near you and GO! If there's not one near you, call the state headquarters and say you need them.

      Volunteer to be a precinct captain. It's so rewarding. I'm tired, but I'm so excited to have spent my time and energy on this campaign.

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