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View Diary: A Universal Health Care Plan That Could Actually Pass (11 comments)

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    Anytime you have a system in place which has multiple payees and is run from the position of maximizing profit, you'll have a system which is inimically opposed to patient care, since patient care is a cost. This is just a fact.  

    According to Physicians for a National Health Care Program a number of independent studies have clearly shown investor-owned health care health operations provide lower quality care than non-profit organizations.  

    This meme that UHC is politically unfeasible is probably the most effective of all the for-profit health care propaganda.  Closely following are the scare tactics of painful tax increases and the incessant smearing of every other industrialized country's health care system.  

    There are reasons why a single payee approach is necessary.  You can pass a bill, many bills, which don't include it ... but they will NEVER address the major problem: when patient care is a cost to be minimized in order to maximize profit, patient care suffers, sometimes quite horribly.

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