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View Diary: Clinton's Hold on Superdelegates May Depend on Wins in TX and OH (346 comments)

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  •  as a supporter i agree, TX and OHIO (1+ / 0-)
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    must be won to make it work, becuase only by winning those two, and then PA will she be able to be ahead in pledged delegate lead, and I believe pledged delegate winner should win nomination.  If she doesnt win both, there may still be a way to get pledged delegate lead, don I wouldnt call her to conceded necessarily, but i think the only way she wins is by winning those two states, but Obama supporters: don't underestimate her, my advice..

    •  But she's going to have to get big margins... (1+ / 0-)
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      txdemfem those states.

      Otherwise, if it's a fairly close win, she's not going to shift the delegate count by all that much. Hence, the statements about her needing comfortable wins in those states.

      Just winning them both doesn't hand her the nomination.

      Nobody's underestimating the biggest Democratic establishment machine in recent memory... but so far, it hasn't really seemed to be enough to beat Obama.

      •  Obama is a good candidate and came at (0+ / 0-)

        perfect time history wise, true. The margins wont have to be huge to make delegate count close to even, which is enough so that PA can lead to even a little more, possibly a lead and even being even at that point will keep it going with May/June states, if its even there is no reason for her to lose, there is only a reson for both to continue onto last states, where there are no more caucuses really,and she could fare well, so could Obama, either way, we shall see and may the best candidate win!

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