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View Diary: Clinton's Hold on Superdelegates May Depend on Wins in TX and OH (346 comments)

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  •  She's damaged goods (4+ / 0-)

    And I say this as a Gore then Clark then Edwards supporter who voted for her in NYC, and has defended her on this blog against constant and mostly unfair smear jobs. It irks me to no end that her every move is scrutinized and painted in the most unflattering terms possible, while Obama gets a pass on most everything.

    I AM SPEAKING ABOUT DKos. Not Hillary44, not MyDD. DKos. This is my home blog, and even as a reluctant Hillary supporter, I've felt like Harry Potter being forced to live underneath the staircase.

    The unwillingness of some Obama supporters on this blog to even consider that he might have a weakness or two concerns me greatly. Or to acknowledge that the media has by and large treated him with kid gloves - thus far. I agree strongly with Hillary on this point: he has not been thoroughly vetted.  Meaning he has not yet run headlong into the gauntlet of GOP knives that are waiting for him if he wins the nomination. I actually think Hillary's campaign has done him a favor, in that they have given him a taste of what's to come should he win the nomination and the rightwing meatgrinder turns it's focus on him.

    That said, I've come to the reluctant conclusion that Hillary is indeed unelectable. She's a brilliant, accomplished woman. But she simply has too much baggage and it will drag her and the party down.

    So I'm throwing my support to Obama for the win, fully realizing the pitfalls he faces, and that I will be disappointed with some of the choices he will make if he should win the general election.

    But I WILL NOT shout "Yes we can!" or any other feel good high school peprally crap.

    •  And this "turning a blind eye" could (0+ / 0-)

      very well cost Democrats the election.  Did in 00, 02, and 04.  Who can forget the Dean - Kerry nomination where Dean was ahead until his delegates were overwhelmed by the party caucuses even though he had the majority support of the voters. And then Kerry was so thoroughly "swiftboated" by Republicans that our sure fire get-rid-of-Bush election failed.  Anyone who thinks that the Rezko connection won't be exploited by Republicans when the election really begins needs a refresher course on the last decade; the Attorney General might even be persuaded to appoint a special prosecutor just to make sure they miss nothing.  

      They intend to win.  And both candidates are carrying enough baggage to give Republicans all they need to exploit it. And Obama supporters can castigate non supporters all they want, it isn't going to stop the Republican onslaught from rumaging through Obama's baggage any more than supporting Clinton would prevent them from going through hers again.  

    •  Thoughtful post & some interesting points, but... (0+ / 0-)
      1. Obama is being vetted.  Right now.  By Team Hillary and by the electorate at large.  Every voter who reads the Obama website and compares his policies to Hillary's or Edwards' or their own personal laundry list of liberal values is vetting Obama.  Obama's positions are being combed through by the likes of Paul Krugman.  That's vetting.  You can say the vetting process is not yet finished, but you can't say that he hasn't been vetted.
      1. DKos has you down about Obama.  Why?  Why would you care what DKos Obama supporters think?  If you were going to elevate the opinions of anyone around here, then perhaps you would look to the frontpagers.  They've been pretty balanced.  But all of these candidate diarists... they really turn you off about Obama?  Please, look at the candidate, not his supporters.  
      •  general election (0+ / 0-)

        few people in America care about Paul Krugman, unfortunately. Mc Cain is a very tough opponent who will do well against Obama in two big Dem groups; Latinos and seniors.

        Like last election, this will come down to Ohio. Obama is not going to win Kansas, Georgia , or North Dakota in the general. Mc Cain will win AZ , also.

    •  you are right (0+ / 0-)

      You are right. Lots of booby traps waiting for Obama. Just getting hammered does not make you better prepared. Both Hillary and McCain are damaged goods. They both have long histories of flip flops, gaffs and skeletons they cannot defend. They both will burn out quickly because they are already worn down like old boxers.  
      I believe that Howard Dean and Obama campaign are more prepared after 8 years of Rove tactics. Without Rove, they will struggle with low punches. McCain is struggling big time when interviewed about Rove donating money to him. He refused to take advice from Rove. He will have to give up his own self respect to go with Rove. Rove is a pretty good baggage hanging around McCain's neck.The best way to neutralize the Swift Boaters and their likes is to set the expectation of voters for what's to come from the dirt throwers. This is called voter education. Obama has already started that process. I hope he will amp that up once the general election race gets going. One low blow is for the Bushies to have a terrorist attack in the fall and strike fear into people's heart so they will forget about hope. Obama must be proactive and start to warn people of the  insecurity the Bush Admin has brought upon us so when it hits, he has already set the expectation. Proact and don't react.

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