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View Diary: As much as it shouldn’t, sex and race do matter. (31 comments)

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  •  I am an Edwards supporter who always had (3+ / 0-)

    Obama as my second choice. I've already voted for him in the California primary. I'm also an old-school feminist who has been annoyed, over the years, to see how many young women claim to be repulsed by the feminist label, but benefit from the movement every day of their lives.

    I am also married to a Black man who grew up in the housing projects of St Louis and Los Angeles. Being close to him, and his family, for more than thirty years now has really influenced my view of things.

    Affirmative action has benefited White women at least as much as Black people, but you seldom see that being mentioned in the press as one of the side effects of that policy. We should not base our vote on something as narrow as race or gender only, but if someone does a "kitchen table" analysis and sees one candidate benefiting her/him and her/his family more than another... why is that any more reprehensible than the country club set trying to figure how the election affects their bottom line?

    "though we rush ahead to save our time- we are only what we feel" Neil Young- 1968

    by blindyone on Tue Feb 12, 2008 at 02:48:13 PM PST

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