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  •  OK (none)
    not that I would do this, but what if someone just drove them around for hours, pretending to be lost and unable to find where they were supposed to go?
    •  Just kidding. Who could afford the gas? (none)
    •  Sounds like kidnapping to me (none)
      But IANAL.

      I'm &y and I approved this message.

      by abw on Sun Aug 22, 2004 at 05:07:25 PM PDT

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      •  no (none)
        its not kidnapping... still IANAL
        But you could probably get away with it if you are a good enough actor...

        "I just live forever, there just is no end / I just trust the oppression like I trust yr friends." (I got a) Catholic Block, by Sonic Youth

        by Demosthenes on Sun Aug 22, 2004 at 08:30:40 PM PDT

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    •  You'd make a better use of your time (none)
      working on the Kerry campaign.  If you don't like Kerry, work on a local campaign, or, if there is nothing political around, help out with some community group like Habitat for Humanity. :)
      •  already doing my share (none)
        volunteering for ACT. Spent all day in the rain canvassing yesterday. And separately, I am doing volunteer work for the local Kerry campaign.
        Can't a guy have a little fun imagining what it would be like to drop a bunch of republicans off in hillbilly deliverance country without being accused of felonies? Dems, we circle the wagon and start shooting at each other.
        •  Heh (none)
          Yes, of course.  I did say, after all, it's fun to read it, and to be sure, it can be fun to think about it too.

          That's a problem with text conversations, it's harder to judge the seriousness of the poster.

          Anyway, I never mentioned felony :).  I said that, aside from being in my opinion, unethical, I also thought it was frought with danger, for the reasons I said.  They could be bigger than you, or they could be carrying concealed weapons.

          That said, burning Bush signs would be a felonly. :)

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