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  •  the car crash factor (none)
    I know what you mean... every time someone references the freepers and supplies a link to a thread, I go there. then I shudder, exit the page, and wash my hands.

    To any freepers who may be reading this: what the bloody fucking hell is wrong with you people? Since when have cruelty and intolerance been GOOD things? Anything for a laugh, huh?

    •  It's weird (none)
      I enjoy bloody first person shooters. I love really violent horror movies and action films. I have a pretty black sense of humor.

      but there is something about THIS worldview that I find really disturbing. A cartoon about Rachel Corey getting bulldozed?!?!

      life is just once, forever -- Henri Cartier- Bresson

      by Madman in the marketplace on Sun Aug 22, 2004 at 05:32:21 PM PDT

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