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  •  There may be two victims. (none)

    Obviously, theoria is a victim of this scam, but the people (or businesses) at the address can be doubly victimized.  First, they will have perfect strangers at the door, suitcases in hand, expectng accommodation.  Those strangers might be angry and may play worse with others than the average Kossack.  Second, those who live or work at that place might be subject to extra surveillance.  

    There are two or three things that theoria should do.  First, she should go to housing sites and tell them that the offer of housing she was given was a fake, and include e-mail messages.  Second, she should call the police and inform them that certain online persons are unlawfully offering accommodation on premises that do not belong to them, giving them transcripts of her e-mail conversations as evidence.  And, if the police are in agreement, she should inform the people living or working at the fake address, in conjunction with relevant authorities, to expect perfect strangers at their door before the RNC.  

    A press release to New York and neighborhood media would be helpful as well.  Its primary function would be to shame the Freepers, but it should include an address to which similar victims should be sent.  

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