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  •  NYC: Very Rude (none)
    First time I visited NYC, I drove and we were looking for parking near a hotel.  We asked about ten people where there was parking and got nothing but rudeness, the best response being, "What, you wanna park for free?"   By the end of the weekend stay, we were making a game out of seeing who could collect the most rude comments and responses to benign questions.  

    San Francisco has always been very good to me, full of kind, helpful people--the very antithesis of NYC.  

    Of course these are merely anectodal experiences; maybe I just had a run of bad luck in NYC, or maybe the weather put me in a foul mood and I sounded like an asshole asking people for directions.  Maybe I was just in a good mood in San Francisco from seeing all the tolerance and joy, and from seeing gay couples holding hands in public without fear of getting their asses beat.  Hard to say.

    "In an abstract love for humanity one almost always loves only oneself." --Fyodor Dostoevsky, "Notes From The Underground"

    by Subterranean on Mon Aug 23, 2004 at 01:00:42 AM PDT

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