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    Catte Nappe

    This is how it works. There are opportunities to be involved, even if you are not a beltway insider. There are ways to help this train move forward, to make a difference, to make phone calls, to get information and  share your enthusiasm with friends, family and others who see the world like you see the world, to give money, time and ideas.

    It's just awful isn't it?

    What's the problem? Is it that we didn't get the memo about how this is supposed to be a Government by the special interests for the special interests?

    Whats your message here?

    "Move along there's nothing here of any interest to you common types, let us regulars take care of things. We're working on really important thing here you couldn't possibly understand"

    Seems that is your message.

    Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom. | B. Obama 2008

    by Seattlite on Wed Feb 13, 2008 at 03:56:43 PM PST

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