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View Diary: OH-02: Jean Schmidt is about to Implode (279 comments)

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    murrayewv, AmericanRiverCanyon

    She doesn't turn out to be a Right Wing DINO like Rep Zack Space out in eastern Ohio.

    I supported Space to replace the convicted Rep Ney in 2006.  Space promised to represent the district, yet has a voting record a kin to an Alabama Republican.

    We all want to see Democrats expand the majority in 2008.  But, we're also a bit shell shocked backing Dems who are Hound Dogs, Blue Dogs or mad Dogs who repay us by acting as the Moderate wing of GOP in Congress.  Melissa Bean, anyone?

    Jean Schmidt is a raging nutjob, but, even with that, she keeps winning.  Maybe southern Ohio likes to send nutjobs to Congress.  Rather than just, respectfully, just ask us to back Ms. Wulsin because she's a Democrat, maybe some specifics as to how she would differ from a Bean or Space or Ellsworth in Indiana may be appropriate.  The best Democrat of the lot, Dr. Gill who ran twice in the Illinois 15th CD, lost to a Republican (Tim Johnson) who's voting record is more liberal than Space, Bean or Ellsworth.  Dr. Gill finally tossed in the towel, and I believe is done with politics.

    It's a hard sell now for Conservative Democrats to cling to that old notion that to behave like a regular Democrat means they can't get elected.  Voters like a real choice, not just two versions of Republican running for office.  The way you beat Schmidt is to present a contrast to her, not the same only a bit more sane.

    Good luck, but let's hope Ms Wulsin will show reasonable Democrat credentials, at so she'll be able to campaign in Dayton as a real Democrat (which Space can't do).

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