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  •  Inre color morphs suffering (12+ / 0-)

    a higher mortality.

    Several years ago, my hub and I were camping.  He went fishing and I was hanging out with him.  There was a small school of big salmon in the river up on Mt Hood.  (And for those of you who are going to cry bullshit, it true!  There are (or were) still large salmon in the Hood rivers.)  There were about 6 or eight 26 - 34(?) inch fish.  One of them was a bi-color.  Darkish body.  Big white spots.  Perfectly healthy as far as we could tell from his behavior.  He stuck out like a neon sign.  

    I remember telling my husband that I was shocked that the fish had survived, considering how "visible" he was among the rocks and shadows.


    Thanks, as always, Mark.  Very informative.  I like the blue boy best!  Beautiful!

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