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View Diary: Whoopsie! The FBI is "accidentally" up your *ss. Again. (75 comments)

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  •  Big brother has been watching us pretty closely.. (0+ / 0-)

    ...for longer than most people are aware. I can't say much about the equipment or techniques used by the FBI but I do know something about NSA’s methods. I suspect the FBI's equipment and set up is a much smaller version of that possessed by its big brother from Ft Mead.

    They have the computer capacity and hook ups with the phone net to monitor all domestic and foreign phone traffic simultaneously with voice recognition software looking for key words and phrases and have been doing just that for a long time now. If a set of entered priority key words and phrases are detected the entire conversation is recorded and a human analyst and or interpreter is summoned by the software to review the material. If that happens, under the old FISA law the government had/has about 72 hours after the recording to obtain a warrant...almost no warrants have been denied under the old FISA law.

    While no individual hardware connection (wire tap) is necessary because the ability to intercept all lines is engineered into the system (has been for a long time now) there is still a record of the surreptitious connection with the provider because of necessity to bill and service connections.

    Bush, Cheney et al did not obtain warrants demanded by the old FISA law because, IMO, they wanted no court records of who's traffic they ordered monitored. If they had been after terrorists they would have had had no problem obtaining the FISA after the fact warrants. They want immunity for the phone service providers and a new no warrant law because their private records will be opened in court in the many pending lawsuits, thereby exposing just who Bush Inc. spied was very likely political not national security related and needed to cover their arses (CYA) for trying to discover who knew what about 911 and other treasonous act ions preformed by Bush Inc and their PNAC Neo-Cons. I also suspect they were looking for blackmail material on political opponents. That my friends is what all the hubbub, and insane posturing about national security is about.    

    The young man who has not wept is a savage, and the old man who will not laugh is a fool. George Santayana

    by Bobjack23 on Sat Feb 16, 2008 at 10:11:45 PM PST

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