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View Diary: I Refuse to Buy into the Obama Hype (673 comments)

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    I understand that you are unhappy that your candidate lost the nomination. There were a number of great candidates in our field this year. If my candidate had lost, I would be frustrated, too.

    I understand that it might take you some time, but now we must remember we are Democrats -- and Edwards, Clinton, and Obama are all Democrats.

    Obama is not the most beatable candidate, as the polls clearly show, and his strength among independents and the small number of Republican cross-overs is not a negative: that is a general election victory for our party.

    He wasn't your first choice, but when you consider their positions, it's awfully difficult to imagine a true Democrat considering him less than a close second or third. The only chance he has at losing this election is if disappointed Democrats such as yourself won't support him.

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