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    from yet another kossack too lazy to do her own research. Very useful and impressive work.

    This confirms my suspicions about the candidates' time in the Senate. I'm HRC's constituent, so I've had a vague idea of what she likes to work on right along. For the most part she's been diligent but uninspired, and focussed mostly on issues of direct concern to NYers, and particularly upstate folks; sort of a Democratic Alphonse d'Amato, whose nickname was Senator Pothole (but a Democratic one is much much better!). Her farm-to-school food bill was a particular favorite of mine.

    But as people have been focussing on their legislative records lately, I started to realize that in her 7 years in the Senate, she has yet to author and pass a piece of major legislation - one that she'd be immediately identified with. Granted that it is hard to get anything passed these days, but Obama's already managed to do this with his lobbying-control amendment. And he's been there for less time than she has.

    I'm with you, Mom. Not an Obamaniac, but I'm pretty comfortable now with having voted for him. No buyer's remorse yet.

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    by sidnora on Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 04:41:21 PM PST

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