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View Diary: I Refuse to Buy into the Obama Hype (673 comments)

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  •  It's the filibuster, stupid (0+ / 0-)

    Truth be told, it was very depressing doing this research to see all these great ideas and how little actually gets done.

    You may have discovered that Sen.Obama has introduced
    a lot of important bills and seems to be on "our"
    side on a lot of issues, but the point is, he IS NOT
    RUNNING ON those issues.  He is running on a new
    politics that is allegedly going to be non-divisive.
    He is running on the theme that just empowering a new
    younger generation will automagically break the
    gridlock.  THAT IS JUST BULLSHIT.
    Obama is claiming that he can reach across the
    aisle and co-operate with Republicans.
    He may be able to get elected by using that
    as a sound-bite, but if he is fool enough to
    actually  try it in real life aftergetting elected,
    he will draw back a bloody nub.

    The Republicans are going to continue to be
    every bit as divisive as they ever were.
    Obama is promising a lot of things to a lot
    of people, but as long as there remain 42
    Republicans in the Senate, NOBODY IS EVER
    GOING TO get ANYthing.  They will just filibuster
    every decent thing to death, in TOTAL solidarity,
    then sit back and watch, laughing, while the
    Democratic Congress's approval ratings go DOWN
    because IT "failed to deliver".

    Real life is going to prove very disappointing
    to all these newbies full of hope in Obama's
    movement.  They may even start to wonder
    why he lied to them.

    "You can't nice these people to death."-- John Edwards

    by ge0rge on Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 05:29:39 PM PST

    •  I see your cynical point. . . (0+ / 0-)

      but, in truth, the GOP will be SCARED S**TLESS if Obama wins and sweeps in more Dems with all the new voters he's bringing into the process.  The GOP will also be afraid of reactionary opposition to Obama because of his MASS APPEAL to Independents and Republicans, as well (I know 5 of them who vote based on emotion and trustworthiness who are supporting him over McCain!)  They will also be terrified of looking like racists for opposing him only to be obstructionistic and potentially losing even MORE SEATS in 2010!  They will be forced to work with him, not because he's 'nice', but because of the fear of backlash in working against an enormously popular Obama.

      In contrast, Hillary has all this baggage and the GOP will have NO QUALMS opposing her because of her HIGH negative ratings. She is FAR LESS popular amongst Independents and the GOP.   They will also gleefully look into the Clinton's marriage, sex life, questionable fundraising (see NYTimes Uranian Clinton scandal, Marc Rich, etc, etc)  Pres. Hillary Clinton would be so overwhelmed by personal attacks that she wouldn't have a chance at getting her agenda through!

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