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View Diary: Choosing to be inspired, a candidate's wife and a grassroots campaign (70 comments)

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  •  I'm actually toying with the idea of running.. (5+ / 0-)

    for my city council here in Southern California. It would expose me to all that I describe in my earlier comment, and it could be personally harmful.

    I wrote a diaryhere about what I described as the "mob mentality" here in support of Obama.  Perhaps this is meaningful since were I to run, I could be the object of similar mob hatred if I were to be open about my beliefs.

    Group anger, even when formed by anonomous participants on a political blog has powerful dynamics.  How much anger would their be if the public found out that I was an Atheist.  Would they ever get over it to learn my reasonable positions on civic matters.

    So, I take issue with my friends here, because I can. Yet, the very fact that I am different, and am of the minority, makes the substance of my message less important than my being the "enemy."

    So, I'm using dailykos as my sandbox. It will be much more painful taking abuse in real life then over the internet to a username.  

    Running for office is an object lesson in just why every politician must succumb to what we see as sacrifice of integrity.  When the other party hates you with a passion, you must embrace those of your party, even when they are proposing something that could be deeply offensive.

    Everyone should have to run for elected office.  Only then could they be understanding, and forgiving of those that have.


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